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Zinc oxide Suspension Concentrate (39.5% Zn)

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Key Nutrient 



SC (Suspension Concentrate )

Available Packaging

1 L, 500 ml


  • Zngrow 7000 is a “High Load” formulation delivering Essential nutrients at a low application rate together with favorable capabilities Characteristics compound to traditional foliar applied products. The “High Load” formulation offers a highly stable product alongside affected delivery of crop nutrition. Sophisticated formulations technology within Zngrow 7000 allows for the suspension of the essential crop nutrient ‘Zinc’ (Zn) in such a way that the correct dosage can be delivered to the target plan with ease.

  • Zngrow 7000 contains an advanced surfactant/Suspension system to ensure rapid and even dispersion in the spray tank and superior adhesion to plant foliage. Zinc is used by plants in conjunction with other essential nutrients for the stimulation of various enzymes, its deficiencies severely interfere with the process of photosynthesis in plants.


  • Zngrow 7000 Takes Part in N metabolism And Stimulants Amino Acid to produce Proteins.

  • Zngrow 7000 Contains More Zinc contents than a Typical Liquid.

  • Zngrow 7000 Stable is Suspension Concentrate Formulation.

  • Zngrow 7000 helps to form Enzyme System which regulates plant life.

  • Zngrow 7000 includes direct application to soils to correct the zinc deficiency, root dipping, and seed coating before crop transplant but also an ingredient for foliar application of zinc.      These are widely used especially with Horticulture, Vegetables, and all types of agriculture crops.

  • pH: 9.0±1

  • Specific Gravity: 1.71-1.75

  • Storage: Protect from frost. Store above 5 ˚C


Application Dose (Per Hectare)
Used Against
0.5-0.75 ML/LT
30-35 days after sowing 45-50 days after sowing
1-1.5 Ml/LT
At Pre-Flowering Stage At Berry formation Stage
1-1.5 Ml/LT
Pre-harvest Stage
Onion / Garlic
0.5-0.75 Ml/Lt
30-35 days after Transplant
1-1.5 Ml/LT
45 days after sowing 90 days after sowing
Maize / groundnut
1-1.5 Ml/Lt
30-35 days after sowing
Pulses / Soyabean
1-1.5 Ml/LT
30-35 days after sowing
0.5 Ml/LT
20-25 days after Pruning 35-40 days after pruning
1.0 ML/LT
Petal fall Stage Post-harvest Stage
1-1.5 ML
30-35 days after Pruning 45-50 days after Pruning
1-1.5 ml/ L water
45-50 days after Transplant 90-95 days after Transplant
After Bahar Treatment After Flowering Stage
30-35 days after Transplant/showing

Direction of Use

Shake the container well before opening & use.

Spray Equipment should be clean. Half fill the spray tank with water, begin agitation and add the required quantity of Zngrow 7000. Rinse the container thoroughly, add the rinsing’s to the spray tank, complete the filling & apply without delay. Maintain agitation throughout. Clean sprayer thoroughly after use. Tank mix application is entirely at the risk of the user.

Avoid application in the period of extreme heat. If possible spray in the evening or early in the morning for best results.

Safety Tips

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product label for an official listing of crops, target pests, directions for use, restrictions and precautions. For desired results, carefully read the instructions given and follow.

Since the usage of this product is beyond our control, we do not give any assurance except the uniform quality of the product.

For further assistance, you can call the Customer Care number: +91 265 2394887 or write to us at

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