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Metribuzin 70% WP

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WP (Wettable Powder)

Available Packaging

100 gm, 250 gm


METZIN (Metribuzin 70% WP) is combination which is a selective, systemic and contact herbicide of Triazinone group, which inhibits the Photosynthesis at Photo-system II.

METZIN works for the control of weeds in sugarcane, potato, tomato, soybean and wheat.

METZIN acts through the roots and leaves and therefore, can be used for both pre and post emergence applications. It controls both narrow and broad leaf weeds.


· It effectively controls Phalaris minor, which has developed resistance to most of the herbicides in addition to many other grasses and broad leaf weeds.

· It is economical because of its broad spectrum activity and low dose.

· No residual effect on succeeding crops.


Application Dose (Per Hectare)
Used Against
0.500-0.750 kg
Digitaria spp. Cyperus esculentus Cyperus campestiris Borreria spp.
0.75 kg
Trianthema portulacastrum, Digera arvensis, Dactyloctenium aegyptiuem, Eleusine indica, Gynandropsis pentaphylla, Amaranthus viridis, Portulaca oleracea, Euphorbia frustula, Echinochloa colonum, Ageratum conyzoides, Setaria gluaca, Commeliana benghalensis
Medium soil: 0.250 kg Heavy soil: 0.300 kg
Phalaris minor Chenopodium album Melilotus spp.
Pre-emergence 1.5-3.0, kg Post-emergence 1.5-2.0 kg
Digitaria spp. Cyperus esculentus Cyperus campestiris Borreria spp
0.75 kg
Cenopodium album, Trianthema monogynae, Parthenium hysterophorous, Fumaria parviflora, Malilotus sp., Phalaris minor

Direction of Use

First add a little quantity of Water to the powder and prepare a thin paste. Add the recommended quantity of water to this paste and stir well. Knapsack or Foot Operated Sprayers fitted with Flat Fan or Flood Jet Type of Nozzle.

Safety Tips

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product label for an official listing of crops, target pests, directions for use, restrictions, and precautions. For desired results, carefully read the instructions given and follow.

Since the usage of this product is beyond our control, we do not give any assurance except the uniform quality of the product.

For further assistance, you can call the Customer Care number: +91 265 2394887 or write to us at

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