Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC


Key Nutrient 

Chlorpyriphos & Cypermethrin


EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate)

Available Packaging

Aluminium container – 100 ml, 150 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml
PET container – 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml
CFB Boxes – 20 kg Max.

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HALLA-505 is a brown coloured liquid free from extraneous matter.

HALLA-505 used to control chewing and sucking insect pests.

HALLA-505 exhibits rapid action.

HALLA-505 effectively controls pest complex on cotton.

Combination results in synergistic action providing longer protection.


HALLA-505 is a non-systemic insecticide of organophosphorus and synthetic pyrethroids group with contact and stomach action.

HALLA-505 is an insecticide that cures pink boll worms, spotted boll worms, American boll worm & sucking insects like Aphids, Jassids, thrips, whiteflies on various crops viz Cotton, ornaments, citrus, pear, Apple, peach, Apricots, Grapes etc.


Application Dose (Per Hectare)
Used Against

Direction of Use

Safety Tips

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