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Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG

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Key Nutrient 

Emamectin Benzoate


SG (Water Soluble Granules)

Available Packaging

10g, 100g, 250g, 500g


  • Bullet is recommended for the control of bollworms on cotton. Fruit and shoot borer on okra. Diamondback moth on cabbage, fruit borer, thrips and mites on chili, fruit and shoot borer on brinjal, pod borer on red gram and chickpea, thrips on grapes.

  • Bullet is an insecticide with stomach action and should be ingested by the larvae to be most effective. Affected larvae become paralyzed and stop feeding shortly after exposure to Emamectin benzoate 1.9% EC and subsequently die after 2-4 days.


  • Bullet is a modern insecticide of the Avermectin group. Dosage: 10Gm/ 10-15 Litre Water

  • Bullet is a multipurpose world-renowned soluble granular insecticide. Bullet gives effective control of caterpillars by its contact and stomach poison action.

  • Bullet has a rain-fastness of 4 hours approximately. The Bullet is a suitable insecticide for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.

  • Bullet has a remarkable translaminar action by which it controls the caterpillars present on the lower surface of the leaves. The caterpillars stop causing damage to crops after 2 hours of the application of Bullet.


Application Dose (Per Hectare)
Used Against
200 gm
Fruit borer, thrips, mites
135-170 gm
Fruit and shoot borer
200 gm
Fruit & shoot borer
220 gm
Pod borer
150-200 gm
Diamond back moth
190-220 gm
Red gram
220 gm
Pod border
110-220 gm

Direction of Use

  • Apply the insecticide when the incidence of larvae is first observed and repeat applications as necessary. Apply the insecticide in a sufficient quantity of water to ensure thorough coverage of the foliage.

  • Plant protection equipment: Knapsack sprayer, compression knapsack sprayer, battery-operated power sprayer.

Safety Tips

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product label for an official listing of crops, target pests, directions for use, restrictions, and precautions. For desired results, carefully read the instructions given and follow.

Since the usage of this product is beyond our control, we do not give any assurance except the uniform quality of the product.

For further assistance, you can call the Customer Care number: +91 265 2394887 or write to us at

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