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Chlorpyriphos 50% EC

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Key Nutrient 



EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate)

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500 ml, 1 L


  • Brahmastra is used to control Termites in Buildings during construction and in existing buildings and stem borer and leaf roller in rice and bollworm in cotton crops.

  • For protecting buildings from termite attack at pre and post-construction stages, apply BRAHMASTRA @ 0.5% Concentration.

  • MODE OF ACTION – Non-systemic with contact, stomach & respiratory action. It belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.


  • Brahmastra is a powerful insecticide for controlling the biting as well sucking of insects.

  • Versatile insecticide and termiticide for agricultural and household pests. Combines rapid initial action with a good long-lasting residual effect.

  • Triple action through contact, stomach, and fumigation.

  • Good soil application insecticide to control soil insects like termites, white grubs and root grubs, etc. Also used as a termiticide in pre and post-construction of buildings.


Application Dose (Per Hectare)
Used Against
Pre and post construction buildings
750-800 gm
Stem borer and Leaf roller
1000-1200 gm
Boll worms

Direction of Use

Mix 1 Ltr. of Bhramastra with 99 L of water to get a 0.5% chlorpyrifos emulsion and apply at the following stages. Stage 1 - Treat the bottom surface and sides (up to 30cm. Height) of the excavations made for column pits, wall trenches, and basements @ 5L per sq. m of surface area. Stage 2 - Treat the refill. Earth on both sides of all built-up walls (approximately width 30cm and depth 45cm) @ 7.5 per sq.m of the substructure. Stage 3 - Treat the entire leveled surface (before laying the floor) @ 5L per sq.m In the case of RCC framed structures with columns and plinth beams and RC basements, the treatment can start at a depth of 50cm, below ground level. Wherever pipes, wastes, and conduits enter the soil, loosen the soil for a distance of 15cm. And 7.5cm deep and thoroughly drench with Chlorpyriphos 50% EC emulsion. Note: All applications should be done when the surface is dry to facilitate better absorption. Treatment of existing build i) Dig shovel width trenches along the building's external wall exposing the foundation wall surfaces up to a depth of 50 cm. And made 30 cm-50cm, deep rod holes. 15 cm apart all along this trench and pour Chlorpyriphos 50% EC emulsion @1.75 Ltrs per running meter. ii) Treat the backfill each with earth Chlorpyrifos 50% EC emulsion @ 0.5 L per running meter as it is returned to the trench directing the spray towards the wall surface. If there is a concrete or masonry apron around the building, drill 12mm holes as close as possible to the plinth wall 30 cm apart and pump insecticides. 

A) RCC framed Structures: Excavate shovel width trenches exposing the sides of the column and plinth beams up to 30 cm. (or bottom of the plinth beams) and treat the backfill earth with Chlorpyrifos 50% emulsion as it is returned to the trench, @ 7.5 L per sq.m of the vertical surface of the structure. 

B) Internal treatment (Soil under floors): Soil below any floor openings is to be charged with the chemical to deny access to termites. 1. Drill 12 mm holes at the junction of floor and walls along the cracks on the floor and along constructional joints at 30 cm. Intervals to reach the soil below. Squirt the emulsion @ 1 L per hole or till refusal and seal the holes properly. 2. Drill holes in the masonry wall at about 45% angle preferably from both sides of the plinth wall at 30 cm. Interval and soak the masonry with Chlorpyrifos 50% EC properly as above. 

Upper Floors:-Termites damages upper floors, flats passing through casings of telephone, pipe, woods on walls staircases, false ceiling, etc. To prevent damage treat the ground floor of the existing building as in the above section.

Safety Tips

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product label for an official listing of crops, target pests, directions for use, restrictions, and precautions. For desired results, carefully read the instructions given and follow.

Since the usage of this product is beyond our control, we do not give any assurance except the uniform quality of the product.

For further assistance, you can call the Customer Care number: +91 265 2394887 or write to us at

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