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Contract Manufacturing

ACT Agro-chem has tremendous R&D facility along with super-efficient team to cater to large local and multinational companies in India and Internationally not only in contract manufacturing of the formulations but also in developing a specific formulation based on the requirement.
We have current capacities of over 20,000 MT of WDG’s, more than 3 million litres of SC, and large capacities for other generic formulations, which also cater to the contract manufacturing and institutional sales business of the WG, SC and CS formulations for which we are well recognized in the industry domestically and internationally.
We can contract manufacture desired formulation of different classes of agrochemicals as per needs of our customer.
Over years companies across the globe have gained confidence in the quality of formulations supplied by ACT Agro-chem and have a high respect for the confidentiality specially when working with us for their propriety/patented products.
We are looking forward for more challenging work in contract manufacturing segment in catering our customers with our innovation, value added and specialized technology for different formulations.”

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